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 Peer-reviewed Publications

*Undergraduate student author

25. Kunert, K.; Aparecido, L.M.T. (2024) Ecosystem carbon fluxes are tree size-dependent in an Amazonian old-growth forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 346 109895. Link.

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23. Garen, J.; Aparecido, L.M.T.; Blonder, B.; Cavaleri, M.A.; Slot, M.; Michaletz, S. Canopy-top measurements do not accurately quantify canopy-scale leaf thermoregulation (Letters to the Editor). PNAS, 120 (15) e2301914120. Link.

22. Blonder, B.; Aparecido, L.M.T.; Hultine, K.; Lombardozzi, D.; Michaletz, S.; Slot, M.; Winter, K. (2023) Plant water use theory should better incorporate extreme environments, life history, and community ecology concepts. New Phytologist, 6 (238), 2271-2283. Link.

21. Duarte, M.*; Woo, S.*; Hultine, K.; Blonder, B.; Aparecido, L.M.T. (2023) Impacts of simulated herbivory on desert plant gas exchange depend on venation network reticulation and leaf mechanical traits. AoB PLANTS, plad002. Link.

20. Flores, M.*; Aparecido, L.M.T.; Miller, G.R.; Moore, G.W. (2021) Assessing forest level response to the death of a dominant tree within a premontane tropical rainforest. Forests, 12(8), 1041. Link.

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17. Song, J., G.R. Miller, A.T. Cahill, L.M.T. Aparecido, G.W. Moore. (2020) Modeling land surface processes over a mountainous rainforest in Costa Rica using CLM4.5 and CLM5. Geoscientific Model Development, 13, 5147–5173. Link.

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15. Aparecido, L.M.T.; Woo, S.*; Suazo, C.*; Hultine, K.; Blonder, B. (2020) High water use in desert plants exposed to extreme heat. Ecology Letters**, 23(8), 1189-1200. Link.

**Aparecido, LM.T.; Blonder, B. (2020) Cover Image: Volume 23 Number 8, August 2020. Ecology Letters. Link.

14. Grossiord, C.; (…) Aparecido, L.M.T.; (…) McDowell, N.G. (2019) Precipitation mediates sap flux sensitivity to evaporative demand in the neotropics. Oecologia, 191, 519-530. Link.

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12. Aparecido, L. M. T.; dos Santos, J.; Higuchi, N.; Kunert, N. (2019) Relevance of tree size and wood anatomy in the determination and allometry of sapwood area for Amazonian tree species. Acta Amazonica, 49(1), 1-10. Link.

11. Cooper, C.E.; Aparecido, L.M.T.; Muir, J.; Morgan, C.; Heilman, J., Moore, G.W. (2018) Transpiration in recovering mixed loblolly pine and oak stands following wildfire in the Lost Pines region of Texas. Ecohydrology, e2052. Link.

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9. Aparecido, L.M.T.**; Teodoro, G.S.**; Brum, M.; Mosquera, G.; Barros, F.V.; Pompeu, P.V.; Rodas, M.; Lazo, P.; Muller, C.S.; Mulligan, M.; Asbjornsen, H.; Moore, G.W.; Oliveira, R.S. (2017) Ecohydrological drivers of Neotropical vegetation in montane ecosystems. Ecohydrology, e1932. Link. **Lead-authors − contributed equally to this publication.

8. Moore, G.W.; Orozco, G.; Aparecido, L.M.T.; Miller, G.R. (2017) Upscaling transpiration in diverse forests: Insights from a tropical pre-montane site. Ecohydrology, e1920. Link.

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5. Aparecido, L.M.T.; Miller, G.R.; Cahill, A.T.; Moore, G.W. (2016) Tree Transpiration Response to Wet and Dry Canopy Conditions in a Costa Rican Premontane Tropical Forest. Hydrological Processes. 30 (26), 5000-5011. Link.


4. Aparecido, L. M. T., dos Santos, J., Higuchi, N., Kunert, N. (2015) Ecological applications of differences in the hydraulic efficiency of palms and broadleaved trees. Trees - Structure and Function. 29 (5), 1431-1445. Link.


3. Kunert, N., Aparecido, L. M. T., Barros, P., Higuchi, N. (2015) Modeling potential impacts of planting palms or tree in small holder fruit plantations on ecohydrological processes in the Central Amazon. Forests 6(8), 2530-2544. Link.


2. Kunert, N., Aparecido, L. M. T., dos Santos, J., Higuchi, N., Trumbore, S. (2015) Higher tree transpiration due to road-associated edge effects in a tropical moist lowland forest. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 213,183–192. Link.

1. Machado, S. A.; Souza, R. F.; Aparecido, L. M. T.*; Ribeiro, A.; Czelusniak, B. H.* (2015) Evolução das variáveis dendrométricas da bracatinga por classe de sítio. Cerne. 21 (2), 199-207. Link.

Lab theses

Aparecido, L.M.T. - Doctoral dissertation (2017) Plant-atmosphere responses to wet canopy conditions in a mature tropical forest. Texas A&M University, Advisor: Dr. Georgianne Moore (Link)

Aparecido, L.M.T. - Masters thesis (2014) Sapwood area patterns of Amazonian forest species near the city of Manaus, Brazil. Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia, Brazil; Advisor: Dr. Joaquim do Santos, Dr. Norbert Kunert (Link)

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